Euro Wood summer houses
Exceptional pricing, large variety of products, individual solutions!

Our company Euro Wood Ltd. is a market participant both as manufacturer and distributor this way we can offer exceptional product prices. The large variety and the outstanding quality of our products – timber houses (residential houses and mansions), summer houses, children house, casinos, car ports, garages, doghouses, locker rooms – are based on our knowledge, competence and ambition which are absolutely necessary to meet our clients’ needs. We remain true to our principle of diversity and challenge, this is the reason why we permanently try to help our clients with individual solutions.

We are convinced that it is not permitted to use trees providing oxygen in the atmosphere for manufacturing mass products but they should be used for creating individual and permanent values.

Yours sincerely,
Gergely Attila
Our company, Euro Wood S.R.L. considers nature conservation an important issue, we work only with ecologic raw material.
The company guarantees for the professional and fast execution of construction and assembly works, the high quality of our products, respectively.
Wooden constructions are more cost-effective than the traditional types of construction.
One year guarantee for the construction works and ten years guarantee for the construction itself.
20 mm, 28 mm, 42 mm, 68 mm
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